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Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia | Università di Corsica
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A new way to use Fuzzy Inference Systems in Activity-Based Cellular Modeling Simulations

In this work, we present a hybrid method that merges Cellular Automata Models (CAMs) and Fuzzy Inference Systems (FISs). Over the last few years, both the study and the design of IT implementations of CAM have gained a renewed interest. The success of these models in the Theory of Modelling and Simulation (TMS) relies on the structural phenomenon of emergence which makes it possible to run realistic simulations,
despite lacking a modeling process for real systems. CAMs do not describe real systems with complex equations, they allow the complexity of real systems to emerge from simple interactions described locally from their cellular elements. In order to optimize simulations whatever the spatial dimension considered, the concept of activity is used. In this work, we introduce disturbances in propagation rules and we improve simulation rendering. We express a doubt in the expression of the cell’s activity, i.e. we express the activity rule by means of an FIS. We present a new way to implement FISs, in an activitybased cellular modeling approach for fire spreading simulations.

Communication présentée dans la conférence Fuzz-IEEE 2017 à Naples du 9 au 13 juillet.
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